A Poisonous Love……

Life has a fair share of bumps and bruises. Ive had my fair share of them. Ive lost my sisters to tragedy.  That was heart wrenching. I have had addiction problems. Not with drugs, but things that have a similar power. Things that pull you into its source. When I don’t know how to process things, thats when its pull is strong. When I’m bored and my courage is failing.


That is when that pull comes into full throttle.I have gotten a really good handle on it though. It’s been a struggle but with God’s help I have been able to feel whole again. Ive felt more myself than I have ever felt!  Ive written a poem that allows me to just pour out this struggle perfectly. Here is my latest poem.


A Poisonous Love 


            It’s taste is sweet. It’s smell invigorating. 

    It’s aftertaste is bitter. Yet still. Still I am drawn. Drawn to its power.

Its “healing power.” The faster I am pulled in, the faster I sink. I’m sinking further and further.

My windpipe is crushed, I have no power. No power over this sickeningly sweet yet bitter power.

Can this be all I see? Darkness surrounding me? Is this all I have to look forward to?

My voice is barely a whisper. 

A light begins to break in. A voice shouts out strong and clear. Rise! Rise and be free. Rise and come out of the darkness. I will 

guide you!

A hand reaches out to me and pulls me from this pit. Oh god how far I’ve come, oh God why has this happened? Its happened 

for a reason. I still cannot  fully understand it. Oh, but how joyful I am. How relieved I am. I am free. My voice can sing out to 

heavens! I have a voice!

 And it is strong!

I want to thank all of you for reading my blog posts. It means a lot to be heard and to have a voice. That you read what I say put a smile on my face! I hope this poem gave you insight or maybe touched you! Have a wonderful night everyone! Peace be with you!


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