Truly Human

Hello everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have been crazy busy! I wanted to post something though. Poems have been a cathartic release for me, so that is why I have posted a bunch of them.  It doesn’t even matter if it’s about something deep and personal or something light and fun. It gives me such pleasure. I love the beauty and simpleness behind the written word. This poem that I will be sharing with you is my very first poem. It is personal and a little on the dark side but still is very hopeful.



Fully Human

     Darkness falls, surrounding me. Wonder, fear, what if’s, and defeat follow me

at every turn. What if I’m not good enough? What then? Who will I be if I fail? Failure.

The feeling of defeat. that instant moment of gut wrenching agony. That voice inside you shouting, 

screaming, yelling at you, “You Failed!” What do you say to that? What can you say to that? You have to say No!

No the the fear, it doesn’t control me. No to the sound of defeat, it doesn’t define me. No to failing, failure in itself is never a 

weakness. Failure is a sign of being human. 

Truly human. Being alive doesn’t come without pain.

Thank you all for continually supporting my blog. I don’t do it for the fame or recognition. I do it for the love of writing and the hope that you can glean something from it. Please continue to enjoy my blog! I will do a full blog post soon! Peace be with you all!



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