Freedom in a Voice… His Voice

I know I posted earlier today, but I was in the mood to write another poem and it made me so alive and strong I just had to share it with you guys! The story behind it is very personal and very hard to talk about and writing it in poem form made it easier. It’s a story of struggle. I hope you can find it as freeing as I did. Here is my latest poem.



 Freedom in a Voice.. His Voice

       Stillness, Silence, and Emptiness… This is my demise..

This is where I am at my weakest. I slipped. I’m at a breaking point.

This is when that voice in my head tells me to go back to my old ways. My 

dirt, grime, and filth. That voice filled with its sickly sweet seduction. Can I

escape? Can I break free from its strangling grasp? Yes! At least, I have before.

The voice’s whisper lingers.. Then a different voice rings out! A voice that’s familiar.

Its comforting. Not a seduction, but a calling. A calling to rise. Rise out of the hole 

I’ve dug myself. It’s a call to be comforted by my father, God. He holds me. He knows my 

filth better than I. If I can just reach out to take His hand, I will be free. 

Free and clean.


By sharing this, I am not trying to garner sympathy. I am not trying to convert you in any way. I am just sharing a part of me. a part of my story that has been kept quiet for the most part. I needed to get it out. I love all of you and hope this gave you freedom as well. Thanks for always being here for me to be myself!  Peace be with you all!


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